Nancefield Substation: Construction of new Nancefield 88/11kV Substation 90MVA firm capacity

Client: City Power
Year: 2015

Nancefield substation is an existing City Power substation currently equipped with two 80/11kV 45 MVA power transformers and one 11kV feeder board. Currently Nancefield is supplied via two 88kV overhead line circuits rated 100MVA. F&J Electrical received the mandate to build a new 88/11kV substation next to the existing substation.

Once the new substation is fully operational, the existing substation buildings and infrastructure will be demolished and the area will be rehabilitated.

Scope of work

Civil Work:

  • Platform construction (bulk earth works)
  • Installation of earth mat
  • Construction of HV equipment foundations and oil catchment dam
  • Construction of 2 x 45 MVA 88/11kV transformer plinths
  • Construction of access road
  • Erection of steel structures for steel HV equipment

Primary Plant

  • Supply, install and commission 132kV switchgear
  • Supply, install and commission 132kV CT’s and VT’s
  • Stringing of twin bull conductor for 88kV outdoor yard
  • Install surge arrestors and post insulators
  • Supply, install and commission 3 x SBV3 11kV feeder board with Vamp Arc protection
  • Supply, install and commission 3 x 45MVA 88/11kV transformers
  • Supply, install and commission 132kV electrical operated disconnectors

Secondary Plant – Protection and Control:

  • Design, supply, install and commission 3 x 45MVA 88/11kV protection schemes
  • Two 88kV incomer, Buszone and 11kV feeder board protection schemes
  • FAT and SAT protection systems
  • 110ml battery charger and batteries
  • Fibre optic communication cable and overhead line terminal arrangements

Integrated CCTV access control and fire detection systems:

  • Design, install and commission CCTV, access control, intruder detection system and fire detection system