Rosebank Substation: Upgrade existing substation to 180MVA firm capacity


Client: City Power
Date: January 2008 to April 2009

Previously, Rosebank Substation consisted of 3 x 45MVA 88/11kV transformers, however, because of the increased demand in the CBD area of Rosebank, and the additional load required for the Gautrain infrastructure, a fourth 45MVA 88/11kV transformer became a necessity, to ensure a firm capacity of 135MVA.

Scope of work completed

Civil Work:

  • Demolition work; platform extensions, brickworks and structural erection.

Primary Plant:

  • Supply, install and commission 1 x 45MVA 88/11kV transformer.
  • Supply, install and commission 11kV x 17 panel feeder board.
  • Supply, install and commission 88kV x 1000mm single core XLPE cable between 88kV GIS Panel and transformer 4.

Secondary Plant – Protection and Control:

  • Design, supply, install and commission Siprotech numerical relays.
  • Supply transformer schemes on separate panel, and feeder protection on MV switchgear.
  • SAT and hot commission of Transformer 4; Feeder Board 4 Protection System.

Fire Protection:

  • Design, install and commission addressable fire detection system and CO2 gas suppression system.
  • Design and install transformer deluge fire prevention system.

Fibre Installation:

  • Install Optic Fibre cables ringed from 11kV Feeder Board to the control room for automation communication.