Tshepisong 22kV Switching Station

Client: City Power
Year: 2015

The proposed Tshepisong Switching Station will feed the entire Tshepisong area. The current method of supply to the area is by means of three 22kV Overhead Lines (Hare backbone & Mink T-offs) through pole mounted Auto-reclosers.

On several occasions Escom raised concerns regarding faults on the 22kV Overhead Network, which resulted in causing damage to the Transformers at Vlei Substation.

City Power identified the need for strengthening the network in the Tshepisong area that involves a new 22kV 35MVA firm supply of Eskom’s 132/22kV Vlei Substation, to City Power’s proposed new 22kV Tshepisong Switching Station.

The preferred method of supply for the proposed new Tshepisong Switching Station will be 5 x 22kV 300mm² 3-Core Al XLPE underground cables from Eskom’s Vlei Substation.

The Scope of the Work includes:

  • Preparing and supplying all the detailed design drawings for cable, earthing, terminations, joints and optic fibre works.
  • Bulk earthworks for the cable trenching, backfilling and rehabilitation of the construction route.
  • Supplying and constructing road crossings, making use of directional drilling as required.
  • Supplying and constructing a new 22kV Switching Station complete with incomers, bus-section, feeder breaker panels and all the associated control and protection equipment.
  • Supplying, delivering and installing 5 x 22kV 3-Core 300mm² Al XLPE cables.
  • Supplying, delivering and installing cable joints and terminations.
  • Supplying and installing 48 core fibre optic cable, joint pits, joints, terminations and patch panel.
  • Supplying and installing earthing conductor and the associated earthing equipment and material.
  • Testing and commissioning the completed cable and optic fibre installation.